Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011-2012 Rink

 So October is nearly here... and I think I've made a decision...

 To *not* build my rink this year...  For a couple of reasons.

 The biggest one being that my girlfriend of 5 years and I broke up due to... well, whatever.  She moved out in July, and with her went her 7 yr old son who was the main user of the rink the past couple of years (except for last year when I didn't have one either). 

 The second is that my daughter is now almost 14 years old...  Doesn't really do 'that stuff' anymore...

 So that's a lot of work AND a lot of money to do something that would be used maybe a half dozen times during the year.

 It makes me very sad on a couple of fronts, most being the dissolution of my relationship.

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Anonymous said...

your rink will be in good hands!!