Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Fat Lady Sings...

 And I sold the rink the other day...

 It comes with a lot of mixed emotions... The good times... the frustrations... the blood, sweat and tears of the creation and maintenance... Of the joyful laughter of the kids (and adults) skating and playing hockey.

 Life moves on, and sometimes not for the better.   Due to a change in real life circumstances, it was time to clear out the backyard and find someone else who could put all that equipment to good use.  A couple of the boards had started to rot, but the majority of it was still in great shape (if only needing a good pressure washing)

 I'm glad it's found a new home. 

 I have no doubt the new owner will put it to good use, and that the boards I've passed on have been infused with some of that youth and laughter that was once heard in the cold winter months in my backyard.