Monday, June 18, 2007

The off-season...

Board Work
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I had procrastinated enough... time to get some work done on the boards. Laura and I went out to Pearl and each board received a frontal white coat, or a back coat of green preservative. I'll be going out in another week to do the other side of the boards... and I'm also going to paint the bottom 8"'s of the boards a nice bright yellow... the same as the "kick plates" on NHL boards.

See, who says you can't do anything in the summer?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Soccer goal!

Soccer goal
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With hockey season now caput for a few more months, I finally got around to erecting the soccer goal for Hannah... I did it though, with consideration of the hockey rink.

the 4x4's (10') are sunk exactly 16' feet apart. While a tad smaller than the regulation goal for her age group, the 16' works perfectly with the hockey rink in the fall. 16' just happens to be the exact width of the end boards. So these 4x4's will anchor the ends of those boards into place... AND, I'm going to put halogen lights on the top as well.

Yay. So even in the "heat' of the spring, we can still look forward to our hockey rink this winter!