Monday, November 26, 2007

And now for something... cooler?

Weather has been too warm here the last couple weeks to even think about filling the rink. Hopefully after we get back from the Twin Cities this weekend (we're going to watch the Minnesota Wild play the Vancouver Canucks) things will change for the better and we'll get some colder nights.

I still have that liner issue to deal with as well... *sigh*

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home Ice - 2007/2008

Home Ice - 2007/2008
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There we go, the frame is up, the soccer netting has come down. I just have to pound a few more 2x4 stakes in and she's set.

I did cut back the hedge on the left hand side about a foot, but I'm thinking of trimming it a bit farther. I had to replace a few screws that pulled out over the summer, but other than that, the boards held up admirably.

I'm a bit concerned over a liner though. I bought mine last year from Home Depot, and it was a 40x60. A bit of overkill on the 25' side, but I needed the 60' on the length. To my dismay, Home Depot is carrying a different liner this year, and it only measures 40x50.

I picked it up anyways, just in case I can't get my hands on another bigger liner. If need be, I'll use the 10' I end up cutting off the sides and some how glue/caulk it to make the full tarp long enough.

Now just waiting on the cold weather... it was 9C today and overcast.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

First things first...

So I recently purchases a "new" truck. New to me. Its a 2000 Chevy LS Z71 extended cab 4x4. And its in mint condition. It has high miles, but the guy I bought it from (a friend) babies his vehicles like you wouldn't believe.

And less than 24 hrs after I bought it, someone keyed the drivers side door. Asshats.

So anyways, I headed out to my dads place and picked up all the boards/wood for the rink, and transported them to town. Now they sit in my back yard, waiting to be assembled. The weather forecast looks favourable tomorrow, so thats what I'm leaning towards.

I've got to visit Home Depot again to see if their rink liners have come in yet... Should be any time now. If I don't get my hands on one, I might be in for some trouble. I'm contemplating buying TWO liners this year, to make sure I have a spare for next year so my anxiety doesn't sky rocket again.