Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boards are up (mostly) and first skate

 Thanks to the boys coming by on a warm Tuesday night, the end boards went up with only slight difficulties.  A couple of days later, the kids too to the rink for a few hours of bliss and exercise.  Good times.

 Over Christmas it rained... Yes, rain.  In Northern Ontario at the end of December.  Combine that with snow and the entire city was a disaster. 

 The kind of snow where you have no problem paying the local pre-teens to come out and shovel for $5/hour.

 I had enough fun with doing the driveway that I decided to hold off on the rink.  I recall back to the  year prior where I attempted to clean the rink off after such a weather predicament...  It wasn't pretty.  So this year I vowed to let everything harden, then clean it off.... Unfortunately, the weather has since dipped into the -30C category - too cold to do anything.

 New Years afternoon I'm going to attempt to snowblow the rink and get a couple of floods down - in an attempt to get it semi-smooth for a friendly skate over the weekend.  

 Will see how that goes....


Saturday, December 12, 2009

On Frozen Pond

 I wanted cold, and we sure got it.  Past week of  -10C days and -30C nights...  The ice is solid alright - but it's been too cold to put up the boards...

 Maybe next week when it warms up a bit.

 Boy, rink owners are a fussy bunch.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time to Flood

 Temperatures FINALLY dropping to a decent -8 to -15c at night... Got a bit of snow last night. Figured this was my chance to get the rink going (finally).  I snowplowed the 5" of snow out of the rink and put the liner down... Started flooding at approx 1:30pm today... So far, so good...