Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Unmitigated Disaster


 So there was a hole in the liner... AT least one... 

 I had tried to do another fill, with the same result...  I noticed a small orange wiffle ball under the tarp in the middle of the rink... I had to make the hole larger to get it out and repaired it with multiple strips of duct tape.

 Another fill, same result - so the liner itself might have a defect in it somewhere... somewhere I just can't find.

 The rink is now 7" deep with snow.  I had thought about watering the top of the snow - getting that to freeze then flooding over it.   After trying to do that with 2 applications of water of incredibly cold days, I've given up....

 The liner was $160.  I can't afford to drop that kind of cash around Christmas time again...  Others on the Yahoo board suggest going back to Home Depot and see if they can swap it out...  That may be my only option at this point...


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